Repossession of Vehicles is a con designed to augment the corporate profits
Last year nearly 2 Million vehicles were repossessed.
​​No Mo' Repo is the show which takes you into the lives of people struggling for stability and against the array of problems they are facing.  Here, we understand and provide a simple solution while holding the predators accountable for their unconscionable actions.

Repossessions lead to the loss of jobs, children unable to continue to attend school, and  the loss of homes.  Predatory loan sharks issue loans to desperate people knowing full well they will be repossessing the vehicle which means to the buyer the possibility of stability and prosperity.  

People who go through repossession are intentionally characterized as irresponsible in a society which has been moving toward meltdown for decades.  And all of this time a simple alternative in financing has been available.  

We are taking the issue in hand
using the Power of the 
Free Market

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